About Me

Its not an accident that you here and I am happy to connect with you.
You was drawn by like - minded vision & passion like me.

To who of you who came to this website first time, my name is Eva, and I am mother of two beautiful girls,

I am originally from Europe but living in beautiful magical Maui. I was dreaming about to move to Maui since I was little girl. And as I believe that our thought are so powerful, my dream came true. I was always travel “bug” looking for something, for happiness, for home, but then I realized even I will travel around the world, the only place where I will find it, is inside me.

I am entrepreneur
I am wellness educator
I am oil lover
I am obsessed with education about water purity,
I am addicted to crystals
I am lover of life
I am grounded (mostly with help of mediation and oils ad crystals in my pocket)
I am energetic
I am ambitious
I am warm hearted
I am strong
I am silly
I am crazy and always young in my heart

I believe

in helping people to follow their dreams and make them come true. In this circle I am continuing to spread the love and magic that has been offered to me. 

I landed

on the incredible island of Maui, where I was blessed with two baby girls and find my family, new friends. Maui gave me opportunity to find, or better say to open door to my entrepreneurship, to connect with people , to live my passion to live a truly healthy lifestyle.

I have overcome many obstacles to get to where I am now.

And I am proud of myself and grateful where I am now in my life.
I was full of fear, scared of judgments and lack of confidence.
I was afraid to step out from my comfort zone.

But lessons

on Maui changed me, personal growth, spiritual growth and definitely motherhood changed me too and showed me new of living life, not only surviving life. 

I feel strong in my life, like never before. I took control of my life. I am making decision of my life. 

I took control of my thinking, because mindset is powerful.

It took me years to get here, but now and I am working smarter, then harder.

Life is never ending learning experience and motherhood showed me even more what is to take care of myself, to growth on personal, spiritual level, to see my children as a teachers and just learn everyday about motherhood and parenting. 

I was always independent girl, woman, but when I become mother and wife, my life changed. 

Changed in way, that my financial independence was gone.

I was enjoying being with my babies at home, but year after year, it was hard for me to not have my own income.

Find the job that will fit with my schedule, but mostly be away from my babies, I couldnt see that happening.

About my Business Oppurtunity